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It’s Time to Give to the Max!

November 8, 2011

10…9…8…7…Yes, it’s countdown until an historic event for our community, Give to the Max:  Greater Washington is coming to town on November 9, 2011.  Each of us will have the opportunity to participate in this 24-hour long, online giving event that will benefit more than 1,000 area nonprofit organizations.  We’ve set a goal of raising $3 million for our local nonprofits, and by now it’s quite likely that you’ve received at least one e-mail from an organization you’ve supported announcing their participation in Give to the Max Day.  And it will be important that we respond in kind.

You know, our region is really a tale of two regions – one very wealthy, affluent, well educated and highly professional.  The other experiences generational poverty is under-educated and has an incredibly high unemployment rate.  These families are fighting high foreclosure rates, limited housing affordability, and growing food insecurity.  But thankfully, we have a nonprofit community that works diligently to reach those residents, to provide them with a hand-up to get them moving in the right direction, or a hand out, when absolutely necessary.

But the good work in our community isn’t just about safety net services.  Our community is “rich” because of the vibrant arts and cultural community that exists throughout the region.  And the dedication of our environmental nonprofits is evident in the improvement that has taken place over the years in our area waterways – the Potomac and Anacostia rivers among them and in the growing recognition that “smart growth” is the best approach for our economy and our community. Whatever your passion–education, animals or health, Give To The Max Day is your chance to get involved in positive change.  You give to the organization(s) of your choice and challenge your family, friends and colleagues to support their causes through your Facebook, Twitter or other social media networks.  Throughout the day on November 9, you will be able to track the progress of fundraising for your nonprofit.  (  You will be able to learn about the people they work with and lives they touch through stories, videos and pictures that will be posted on their web pages.

And when the clock strikes “12 midnight” on November 9, we will be able to look back and know that we contributed to making this region the best it can be.  We will be assured that a local artist will go on to create a work for all of us to share one more time.  Or that a mother will go to work knowing that her child is safe at pre-school.  Or experience the smile of a developmentally challenged person whose life is given purpose through the daily opportunities they are able to learn. Or know that a senior did not have to choose between food and their prescription medications.

So Greater Washington, step up and Give to the Max!

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