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Workforce Development in the News

October 11, 2012

At the Community Foundation, we know that family economic security is the key to strengthening our region, and we invest in proven programs, people, and strategies that are working to achieve it. One of these strategies is workforce development – ensuring that more workers in our region acquire a post-secondary credential, putting them on a path for career growth and increased earnings.

Over the past week, our workforce development projects have been highlighted as successful and proven strategies in three separate news stories:

  • MedStar Montgomery Medical Center, a grantee through our Career Pathways initiative, is using our investment to train top-performing entry-level staffers for more highly skilled jobs – and creating a pipeline of skilled employees for the future: The Washington Post 
  • SOME Center for Employment Training, a grantee through our Accelerating Advancement Initiative, explains the vital importance of equipping job training participants with in-demand skills and work experience: NPR
  • Our Invest2Compete project surveyed over 95 employers in the Washington Metropolitan Region on their employee tuition assistance benefits – the results are helping employers learn how to better leverage these programs to build employee pipelines and increase retention: The Washington Post

This work is made possible through an innovative partnership, The Greater Washington Workforce Development Collaborative, that pools resources from numerous foundation, individual, and corporate donors to leverage our funds to maximum effect. This group is working on a number of initiatives to increase family economic security region-wide, from investments in job training initiatives to public policy advocacy. We’ll keep you updated.

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