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2012 Annual Report

October 16, 2012

The theme of this year’s Annual Report, Coming Together to Catalyze Change, not only captures our mission but also addresses the urgency of our efforts at this moment in time.

Never before has there been such an overwhelming need for our community of givers – individuals, families, and organizations – to come together to increase economic security for all residents of the Washington region. Together, we are catalyzing change by strengthening the region’s safety net, investing in strategies that increase the percentage of youth who graduate from high school ready for post-secondary activities and supporting effective workforce development programs that provide workers both increased skill and marketable credentials.

The past year was filled with examples of those collective efforts. From residents who looked in on neighbors during Tropical Storm Katia to the anonymous donor who offered to match contributions up to $300,000 to our Neighbors in Need fund. From the board member who purchased beds at a local shelter to another who mobilizes his employees to volunteer at nonprofits that serve underprivileged youth.

This year’s annual report highlights these remarkable donors and grantees, and reinforces the importance and urgency of this collective work – both now and in the years to come.

Click here to view the full Annual Report 

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