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John Chambers: Inspiring others to Bloom

December 12, 2012

John is a recipient of our 2012 Linowes Leadership award, recognizing the “unsung heroes” who are working to make our community better every day. johnchambers-1

As the founder of BloomBars, John Chambers works to inspire and create compassionate and purposeful communities through the arts. He has been instrumental in fostering individual and collective growth by cultivating transformation. Through BloomBars, John has redefined the perception of a bar by providing opportunities for diverse, multigenerational communities to form meaningful relationships and gather in a culturally rich and alcohol-free environment. The unique programming offered at BloomBars spans from daily early-childhood development, to movie nights designed to keep drunk drivers off the streets. The impact of these programs on the community cannot be overstated. The Artist Bloom residency program at BloomBars has spawned two Grammy nominees in the last two years and has been able to connect artists with grassroots organizations and causes, while serving as mentors and instructors to local youth. Socially conscious artists from as far away as Brazil and South Africa have traveled to DC to participate in the BloomBars Artist Exchange Program. In his own words, John’s vision is to “let art be a transformative thing that connects people, and inspires them to participate in their communities.” His leadership and positive attitude draws volunteers and artists together from all walks of life – united in their desire to make their community better.

Click the video below to watch John’s story. 


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