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From the Consumer Health Foundation: A Response to the TANF Debate

February 1, 2013

A thoughtful argument and discussion-starter from Dr. Yanique Redwood, President and CEO of the Consumer Health Foundation:

I hold an assumption that I have tested repeatedly in communities like Flint, Michigan and Atlanta.  That is, while people who are poor face tremendous obstacles, they are intelligent and hopeful, they desire more for themselves and their families, and they work really hard to simply survive.  So, when I read the article by Tim Craig in the Washington Post about the D.C. Council’s debate surrounding sanctions for TANF recipients who do not take advantage of workforce counseling, I was puzzled.  The debate centers on how to get people out of the program, but experience tells me that people don’t want to be in the program either.  Therefore the goals of the D.C. Council and those of TANF recipients, seemingly at odds with each other, are in fact perfectly aligned.

Read her full piece here.

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