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Our Op-Ed in The Washington Post: Adult Literacy Funding is Crucial

May 14, 2013

We are pleased to share an op-ed from this weekend’s Washington Post which was co-authored by The Community Foundation and Academy of Hope. In it, we lay out the reasons why funding for adult literacy is so crucial and urge the D.C. Council to act:

“More than 64,000 D.C. adults lack a high school credential. With limited basic math, reading and digital literacy skills, these residents have difficulty following written instructions, completing paperwork, communicating effectively with colleagues or helping their children with homework. This undermines the job security of workers, the economic viability of local businesses and the well-being of families.

But funding for adult literacy has decreased steadily in recent years and falls far short of the need. The proposed budget of $4.3 million for fiscal 2014 would allow some 20 nonprofit organizations to serve approximately 3,100 adults. We are asking the D.C. Council to approve a total of $8.3 million ($4 million from the mayor’s contingency wish list in addition to the $4.3 million that is in the budget) to push that total to 4,100 adults and to help nonprofits update curriculum and train teachers to prepare for impending changes to the GED.

Click here to read the full piece.
If you agree that investing in adult literacy should be a priority, we have a way for you to help. We’ve set up a petition that we are sharing with Council leaders to fight for this funding – sign it today.
– Terri Lee Freeman, President, The Community Foundation for the National Capital Region

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