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DC Council Shows Its Support for Adult Literacy

July 1, 2013

In April, we asked you to show your support for District residents who are working to improve their literacy and basic skills by signing a petition urging the DC City Council to increase funding for adult literacy programming.  We asked for your support, and you showed it with more than 500 people signing on! Since that request, the Community Foundation has worked with many community based literacy providers and advocates through:

  • Coordinated visits with various Councilmembers and their staff members;
  • Social media efforts;
  • Offering testimony before the DC Council’s Education Committee; and,
  • Convening providers and stakeholders regularly to build support for adult literacy.

We are happy to report that yesterday the DC Council approved the FY14 Budget Support Act bill, which included a $1 million increase in adult literacy funds.

This means that this year, more District residents will receive support to obtain their GED or National External Diploma Program and that local providers will have additional resources to build their capacity and hire additional staff.

The Community Foundation supports literacy efforts with the knowledge that without basic math, reading, and digital literacy skills, DC residents cannot follow written instructions, complete paperwork, communicate effectively with colleagues, or help their children with homework. This undermines the job security of working parents, the economic viability of our businesses, and the well-being of our families.

A tip of the hat to the many of you who signed our petition, testified at Council, and showed your support for adult literacy!

For background on why this is so important, read our fact sheet here.

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